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Vaughn & Co Writing Songs For Our Next CD!

on Wed, 09/21/2011 - 13:13

As Summer fades, our focus turns towards writing new songs for the next Vaughn & Co CD. The positive reaction to our last effort, "Still Worth It," has us excited and looking forward to having the input of keyboardist and vocalist, Al Leffler, from the beginning of the process. Al has already contributed with "Carlos," a tale of a trip across the boarder to pick up some sweet goods gone awry with the help of a young lady with bad intentions and a certain connection to a man named Carlos. We are currently playing this one live and flushing out the arrangement. "Take It In Stride" is a poppy Vaughn composition with a catchy melody and compositional input from the aforementioned Al Leffler. We hope to begin playing this live this weekend! Several other tunes are in their embryonic stage and being well cared for and fed with the creative spirit of the band. Stay tuned and thanks for listening!

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