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V & C in Cincy Vibe & CityBeat Magazine’s “Best Of 2011”!

on Thu, 01/05/2012 - 13:30

Vaughn & Company is proud to let you know we were well represented in Cincy Vibe's “Best Of 2011 Reader's Choice” Awards!

Vaughn and Company was voted “Best Original Band.” Ronnie Vaughn’s duo  “Gangbox,” with Jason Ritchie, was voted “Rowdiest Band” and Ronnie was also voted “Best Solo Act”. Cincy Vibe had this to say about Ronnie:

“Ronnie Vaughn is a musical hustler. He’s one full band, one duo (Gangbox) and one solo act. His original work has merit in it’s comedy, it’s song writing and it’s pickin’.”

Hustler indeed! Rock on my Brotha!

Our 2011 release “Still Worth It” made #58 in the Top 100 “Local Music Releases” compiled by Mike Breen of CityBeat, finishing one place ahead of “Over The Rhine” and only a few behind “Ricky Nye” and “Blessed Union of Souls.” Pretty nice company eh?

Thanks to CityBeat and to all who voted for and support Vaughn & Company and local ORIGINAL music in Cincinnati!

Check out the entire list here:

Top 100 Local Releases here:

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