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"Play it Again!" Recording Sessions Finished! CD Release Party!

on Thu, 12/20/2012 - 20:20

The V&C crew just finished recording our next full-length CD "Play it Again!" at Ultrasuede studios with the help of Professor Bill Gwynne. We went for more of a live and fresh sound, trying to capture as much of the instrumentation of the song as we could within a few takes and then overdubbing a little and adding vocals. Mixing is next. We are pumped! We believe this will be our best CD yet with 14 songs in total and not a throw-in among them.

The Vaughn & Co "Play it Again!" CD release party will be on March 23 @ 20th Century Theater with Kevin Fox Band opening & it'll all be recorded by Chuck Land Show.

We hope to see you there as well as our upcoming shows.

Thanks for your support!

Ronnie, Lee, Brandon, Bob, Bill, Al & Greg




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